Learn to Skate Fall 2016

Session I of Skate Lessons begin Monday 9-17-18…Its not too late to sign up!!
Tots: Ages 3 to 6. Skaters will learn basic skating skills through games and activities on the ice.
Pre-Alpha thru Delta: Ages 6 to adult. Skaters are divided by age and/or ability.
Competition/Production team: Open to skaters of ANY age and ANY level. Skaters will spend part of the time learning a production number for exhibitions and for a competition in February. We will also introduce skaters to competition events they might want to consider as individuals, duets or small groups. Additional fees and a mandatory meeting are required.
Adult Exercise on Ice: Class will cover skating skills based on the level of participants, and combine them to music for a fun, aerobic, strength-building activity.
Classes are held once a week.  All skaters are encouraged to stay and practice after their lesson.  Plan to arrive 15-20 minutes before your scheduled lesson time to provide adequate time to put on skates and be ready to start your lesson on time.
Weekly Lesson Schedule

5:15—5:45 pm        Beginners (never skated/never took lessons)
5:45—6:15 pm        Returning Skaters (past beginner level, not freestyle level)
6:15—6:45 pm        Freestyle/jumps and spins
6:45—7:30               Practice

4:15—4:45 pm        Freestyle pop-up classes
9-13-18         Power skills
9-20-18        Edge work
9-27-18        Choreography skills
10-4-18         Performance skills
After 10-4-18 we’ll asses interest and see if continued pop-ups or an ongoing class would be appropriate.
4:45 pm                   Practice
5:45—6:15 pm        Intro classes
9-13-18         Adult (16+) Intro to Ice Skating
9-20-18        Teen (12+) Intro to Ice Skating
9-27-18        Kids Intro to Ice Skating (Ages 5-12)
10-4-18         All ages intro to Ice Skating
After 10-4-18 we’ll asses interest and see if continued intros or an ongoing class would be appropriate.

Basic Skills……$50


Please feel free to contact us.
Program Director: Maryellen Baer
217-431-2424 or maryellen@palmerarena.com