ArtBeat Music Fest

June 21-24, 2017 – Music Begins at 6PM Each night.
Wednesday, June 21 at Kresge Park: Superbad – The Band
Thursday, June 22 at Kresge Park: The Loud 100 featuring First Gig Instructors (members of El Guapo, 90s Daughter, X-Krush, James Jones Trio and More!!
Friday, June 23: X-Krush
Saturday, June 24: Heeldragger & 90s Daughter
Excited to have another year of amazing music downtown!
This year, we’re doing some new things! The event will begin Wednesday.
The first two nights will be at Kresge Park in the first block of Vermilion. Friday and Saturday will be at Temple Plaza.
Come join us for a week of free music starting Wednesday, June 21!
Thanks to our Sponsors:
AQUA Illinois
Community Action
Bryant Industries
Downtown Danville Inc.