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Danville Dashers' Season Tickets 14

The Danville Dashers

Season Tickets - $220

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Danville Riverhawks Single Game

The Danville RiverHawks are now selling single game tickets as all levels; Baseline, Sideline, Floor and Courtside.

Fans who purchase any reserved seats on the floor will also have an opportunity to upgrade to The Budlight Courtside Club.
The Bud Light Courtside Club is an all-inclusive game pass that includes unlimited food and beverages. Members of the court side club will also receive exclusive game day incentives such as free promo items and opportunities from Bud Light and the RiverHawks! 
Pricing for these seats are an additional $400 for the season or $45 additional per game.

To purchase Courtside Club simply choose your Floor Seat (available to Floor Seats only) and upgrade to Courtside Club in the drop down.

(Click here for visual instructions.)

Single game tickets:

Season tickets are also still on sale:


Visit the
Riverhawks Basketball Homepage!

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Vermilion County Basketball Tournament

Come enjoy the Vermilion County Basketball Tournament at David S. Palmer Arena!

Vermilion County Boys and Girls Basketball Tournament
David S. Palmer Arena
Danville, Illinois
January 18-25, 2014
Saturday, January 18
Girls Game 1 10:30am Westville vs GRF
Girls Game 2 12:00pm Salt Fork vs HA
Girls Game 3 1:30pm BH vs Oakwood
Boys Game 1 3:45pm HA vs Oakwood
Boys Game 2 5:15pm Westville vs GRF
Boys Game 3 6:45pm Salt Fork vs A-P
Monday, January 20
Girls Game 4 5:00pm Salt Fork vs Oakwood
Girls Game 5 6:30pm BH vs HA
Girls Game 6 8:00pm A-P vs GRF
Tuesday, January 21
Boys Game 4 5:00pm Westville vs A-P
Boys Game 5 6:30pm Salt Fork vs GRF
Boys Game 6 8:00pm BH vs Oakwood
Wednesday, January 22
Girls Game 7 5:00pm HA vs Oakwood
Girls Game 8 6:30pm A-P vs Westville
Girls Game 9 8:00pm BH vs Salt Fork
Thursday, January 23
Boys Game 7 5:00pm GRF vs A-P
Boys Game 8 6:30pm BH vs HA
Boys Game 9 8:00pm Salt Fork vs Westville
Friday, January 24
Girls Game 10 5:00pm 5th Place Game
Girls Game 11 6:30pm 3rd Place Game
Girls Game 12 8:00pm 1st Place Game
Saturday, January 25
Boys Game 10 5:00pm 5th Place Game
Boys Game 11 6:30pm 3rd Place Game
Boys Game 12 8:00pm 1st Place Game

Girls Pool A
G1. Armstrong-Potomac
G4. Westville
G5. Georgetown-Ridge Farm
Girls Pool B
G2. Bismarck-Henning
G3. Salt Fork
G6. Hoopeston Area
G7. Oakwood
Boys Pool A
B1. Bismarck-Henning
B4. Hoopeston Area
B5. Oakwood
Boys Pool B
B2. Salt Fork
B3. Westville
B6. Georgetown-Ridge Farm
B7. Armstrong-Potomac

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Hanson Brothers

The Hanson Brothers will be making an appearance at the February 6, 2015 Danville Dashers game!

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First Gig Academy

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Carden Circus



George Carden Circus International has been bringing entertainment to children of all ages in every corner of the U.S. for years and now it is coming your way. We want you to come and join us and see why we are North America’s most loved family attraction.
There is something for everyone in this year’s show. Amazing and rare animals will perform and amuse. The ring will abound with marvelous feats of manipulation, balance and dexterity. A two hour package of kaleidoscope color, sight and sound, this is the kind of enchantment that will keep you dreaming circus dreams long after the last performer has left the ring.

Some of the featured acts to be presented in the exciting performances are Aerial Artistry, Motocross Riders, Elephants, Comedy Clown and much more.

Come and see it all!

2014 Carden Circus will be appearing in Danville, IL Tuesday and Wednesday, February 17 and 18, 2015 at the David S. Palmer Arena.

Times: 5:00 PM and 7:00 PM
Don’t miss it!

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X-Treme International Ice Racing

XiiR Extreme International Ice Racing Returns 

to the David S. Palmer Arena in Danville, IL!

This year's Motocross On Ice Event is shaping up to be the BEST yet! 

XiiR (Xtreme International Ice Racing) is a motorcycle racing tour...ON ICE! Man and machine going from 0-60mph in under 3 seconds riding Speedway bikes and quads that are modified to compete on an indoor ice arena. There are over 2000 metal studs added to the tires and there are NO BRAKES! What      does that mean...? PURE ADRENALINE! It is THE fastest sport on ice and one of the fastest sports in the world. The rush of so much power and speed on something as unpredictable as ice, has whipped audiences into a frenzy and gained new fans across the country. Each year's series continues to get better... drawing bigger crowds, more sponsors and riders from all over the globe.

The average car has a maximum 5,000 RPM's where as an ice speedway bike has a maximum 14,000 RPM's. It has 1600 razor-sharp steel studs on its tires added for traction and if that's not enough - there aren't any brakes.

Each rider gears his bike differently with 60 to 80 toothed sprockets, which are nearly the size of the wheel itself. Just wait until you see these machines in action!


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